Lartey Lawson - Afrikansk Jul - Lartey Lawson har afrikansk baggrundLartey Lawson – Founding Chairman

Lartey brings a lot of diverse experience to the ACT team. He currently works for the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and has a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Copenhagen, where he previously worked as a researcher and a teacher. Lartey was a member of the Copenhagen Municipal Council, with the position of Cultural and Leisure spokesman for his party, after he served as an assistant. Lartey is presently a member of the Østerbro Local Council and chairman for Children and Youngsters Committee, and serves on the Management Board for KIF‐athletics in Østerbro. For 10 years, Lartey served as the chairman of the School Board for Kildevaldsskole, where he started a volunteer organization for school children. Lartey is interested in politics, sports, culture, organization, research, teaching and mentoring. Lartey believes that “individually, in harmony with our environment, we should endeavor to create our own challenges.”

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