The Worker’s Wife by Finnish Playwright Minna Canth is a play about strong women. The main characters are Homsantuu, a gipsy girl, an outsider in the Finnish society at the end of 1800, and Johanna, the married wife of a labourer called Risto. He is deceitful towards both of them. He drinks and he lies – but has all the power in his hands since he is a man. Johanna is a humble, deeply religious woman whose resignation leads to death, Homsantuu tries to fight, but ends up in jail. Through these women Minna Canth criticizes the society. The society holds Johanna responsible for Risto’s drinking and when Homsantuu leaves with Risto, she is labelled as a fallen woman. Risto is not responsible for the situation. In this way the play criticizes the double morals of the society.


 New Nordic Voices

ACT was formed in 2013 by a group of international artists residing in Denmark. The aim is to add a new perspective, contribute to cultural richness that is diverse, inclusive and multicultural. ACT is Denmark’s first global theatre / artistic organisation with over 45 members from 21 different countries. New Nordic Voices is an offshoot of this initial mission. It is an expansion within the Nordic Countries of the multicultural artistic voices.

Structurally, for colored girls is a series of 20 poems, collectively called a “choreopoem.” Shange’s poetry expresses many struggles and obstacles that African-American women may face throughout their lives and is a representation of sisterhood and coming of age as an African-American woman. The poems are choreographed to music that weaves together in- terconnected stories. The choreopoem is performed by a cast of seven nameless women only identified by the colors they are assigned.