Visual Arts

ACT visual arts initiative aims to create a community of artists both virtually through our own website as well as through the social media networks, creating a gallery where artists can exhibit and sell their works online.

It is the desire of ACT’s visual arts initiative to also find a physical working and exhibition space where both local, national and international artists can exchange ideas, create together, or just simply inspire one another through being and working in the space, inspiring artists to work on various projects together, creating events or happenings, group or solo art exhibitions, etc...

  • ACT visual arts initiative aims to be a space where the artists have the opportunity to give back to the community, where local kids, teenagers, and adults can have a place where they can express themselves, discover hidden talents, experiment, and learn, through creativity and the arts. Putting on exhibitions throughout the year.

  •  ACT brings ART closer to the community in practice and in that way opens the gates of creativity for those who normally can not. Act visual arts initiative is about giving hope for new horizons