For Colored Girls


1st Dec 2018 -1st Dec 2019

Two female playwrights and their works will be the thematic focus at this project phase which kicks off with the juxtaposition of “For Colored Girls” (A 1970s classic by African-American playwright Ntzoke Shange) who perhaps was the “The Workers Wife” (A 19th century classic by Finnish playwright Minna Canth) . In juxtaposing the subject matters, works and lives of these iconic women playwrights, who wrote in two very different ‘eras’, different continents and different cultural contexts but yet penned two classics that dealt with the existential issues of their time, it’s then quite possible to find out that very little has indeed been diluted by the events of over 200 years from Minna Canths’ timeline and the issue affecting her part of the world in the late 19th Century, alongside Ntozake Shange’s time in the 1970s and the wave of protest against the Vietnam war in the United States and the civil rights movement that paradoxically excluded COLORED GIRLS in their struggle and up until the present time in 2018 -with the advancement in communication technology. Are there parallels to be drawn from women’s rights then and that of minorities today?


For Colored girls premiered in Helsinki in March (7-9), 2019 at Caisa (