New Nordic Voices


ACT -New Nordic Voices presents the visibility of Nordic minorities through exploring selected theatre works of Nordic icons & juxtaposing them alongside Global south icons.

ACT’s vision is to have multiple cultures share a stage. Conversely, its artistic policy is to connect thespians globally and act as an inter-cultural creative integrator in the interest of embracing cultural uniqueness and diversity within the Danish arts sector broadly and more specifically in theatre. Creating master piece productions through local, regional and cross-continental collaborations.

ACT was formed through June 2014 – March 2015 by a group of international artists residing in Denmark. The aim is to add a new perspective, contribute to cultural richness that is diverse, inclusive and intercultural. ACT is Denmark’s first global theatre / artistic organization with over 50 members from 25 different countries.

New Nordic Voices is an offshoot project of this initial mission. Developed through 2018, it seeks to expand ACT’s vision within the Nordic Countries and beyond

While ACT has successfully produced its adapted version of William Shakespeare’s “The Merchant Of Venice” dubbed as Merchant on Copenhagen(2016) and Arthur Millers Version of Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy of The People(2017), For Colored Girls Who Have considered Suicide/When The Rainbow Is Enuf(2019 ) by Ntzoke Shange is the first production under the auspices of New Nordic Voices.


For Coloured girls will play March 7th – 9th, 2019  at Caisa Helsinki Finland