New Nordic Voices

NEW NORDIC VOICES is a project that seeks to build a transnational model of a vibrant network that reflects the visibility of minority artists across Nordic theaters by creating a diversified prism of a packaged series of performing arts productions. The unique characteristics of the plays will be the inter cultural mix of actors from different nationalities but all domiciled within the Nordic countries now sharing a stage to explore classics from both Nordic and Global regions. This will in turn give these minority artists & actors a voice of cultural expression and will foster social cohesion through community engagement by its hybrid of mingling of both existing and emerging cultures which is a vital building block for democratic societies. The classic Nordic plays will be modernized for a younger and newer audience to enjoy them without finding alien content.


An Enemy of The People by Henrik Ibsen Adapted by Arthur Miller

A multi-cultural mix of the actors with a background of different nationalities but all domiciled in Norway, Sweden, Denmar and Finland.

This August  at Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki Finland