Silenced No More - Confronting Violence Against Women and Young girls project:
A trailblazing effort targeted at tackling the deep-seated issues of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Kenya, coinciding with the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence in 2023.

This important initiative was originally launched by ACT: Afro Cosmopolite Thespians and the Danish Embassy in Kenya.

It has since expanded its collaboration and support to include prominent entities such as the Danish Embassy, the European Union (particularly through the European Delegation in Kenya), and the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces, demonstrating a widespread, international dedication to addressing these vital human rights concerns.

It includes a series of theatre performances, debates, discussions, PR campaigns, and the development of a new play, aiming to use theatre as a dynamic platform for elevating women’s rights and striving towards the elimination of SGBV and FGM by fostering innovative perspectives and dialogues on these critical topics.

Key Components:
Theatrical Performances: Central to the project is staging "for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf" by Ntozake Shange. Planned across Nairobi, Mombasa, and potentially Kisumu, these performances aim to catalyze panel discussions and community dialogues on SGBV and FGM.

Cultural Exchanges and New Script Development: The project incorporates cultural exchange activities, masterclasses, and workshops between Denmark and Kenya. A core creative team in Kenya will work on creating an original play titled "SILENCED," focusing on the impacts of FGM and SGBV in the Kenyan context.

Outreach and Sensitization:
The project includes extensive outreach, with local partners setting up booths at performance venues and digital campaigns, targeting a broad audience, including 3500 people directly through theatre performances and community activities.

Expected Impact:
The goal is to create awareness, provoke dialogue, and challenge existing norms around women's rights, SGBV, and FGM. Through various approaches like interactive performances, community dialogues, and online engagement, the project aims to foster a deeper understanding and inspire change.

It also includes collaboration with local influencers, businesses, and strategic partners like the European Union, the Danish Embassy, and Kenyan government bodies to amplify its reach and effectiveness.

The visibility and outreach efforts hope to engage over 2000 people, leveraging social media and key influencers for broader impact.


Nairobi -

(Nov 23 - 27)

  • 23.11.23 - SOLD OUT
    Premiere reception of Silenced No More Project at Signature auditorium, Westlands

  • 26.11.23 - 7 pm
    Paid shows for "Silenced No More" Play at Signature-Westlands

  • 27.11.23 - 7 pm
    Silenced No More show for University students at Signature

Kisumu -

(Nov 24 - 26)

  • 01.12.23 - SOLD OUT
    Free students show at Maseno University/Great Lakes University

  • 01.12.23 - [to be announced]
    Dialogue/Sensitizations at Dialogues and Monologues discussion/Excepts

  • 02.12.23 - [to be announced]
    Show at Mama Grace Social Hall

  • 02.12.23 - [to be announced]
    Show - High Panel Discussion led by CSO-Network

Mombasa -

(Nov 24 - 26)

  • 7.12.23 - SOLD OUT
    Free Show for youths at Swahili Pot

  • 7.12.23 - [to be announced]
    High Level Panel at Swahili Pot

  • 8.12.23 - [to be announced]
    Show at Little Theatre

  • 9.12.23 - [to be announced]
    Show at Little Theatre

  • 10.12.23 - [to be announced]
    Dialogue/Sensitizations at an Informal settlement to be identified


Mbeki Mwalimu

Lady in Brown

Nini Wacera

Lady in Purple

Melissa Kiplagat

Lady in Yellow

Rebecca Langley

Lady in Blue

Marianne Nungo

Lady in Red

Wanjiku-Victoria Seet

Lady in Orange

Tana Gachoka

Lady in Green

Production Team

Michael Omoke

Executive Producer / Artistic Director



Anna Marie B. Skanborg

Assistant Producer


Assistant to Director / Stage Manger


Public Relations


Director of Logistics


Assistant Logistics

Ondiegi Mathew


Charles Stephen

Lighting Designer


Project Photographer


Social Media

Aïcha E. Haïdara

Graphic Designer

Elisha Ngoma

Web developer