Denmark´s First Universal Theatre  

  • Merchant of Copenhagen: Played at Ballerup-Live, August 2016


About Us

The most distinguishing essence of ACT is to be unanimous in passion while creating a pool of local talent from all nations, all ethnicities and all cultural backgrounds within Scandinavia primarily. So rather than plodding the predictable, ACT gracefully ventures into the uncharted waters of cultural diversity, in theatre, for the common good of celebrating distinct uniqueness whilst integrating in all society levels.

ACT is not ethnocentric. ACT is art-centric. Possibly eccentric! 

Thes•pi•an ( thĕs ' pē-ən ): (noun) a theatrical performer: actor, actress, player. The word is derived from the actor Thespis, who walked around ancient Athens pulling a handcart, setting up a type of a one-man play in which he showed the bad behaviour of man. His contemporary Solon resented him, believing that what he showed on stage would soon be acted out in reality, as well. Thespis is regarded as the first actor in history and the term "Thespians" became the universal name for professional actor/actress. READ MORE


''Celebrate Diversity''

The original intent behind the creation of ACT is to aesthetically embrace & reflect

cultural diversification.



Our Identity

ACT is a professional multi-faceted theatre company in Denmark that engages in a variety of performing arts, training & productions in English primarily but not exclusively.

The cosmopolite effect of the founding members consists 21 different countries represented in ACT's 30 founding members.

Merchant of Copenhagen Cast

The Multicultural Cast (14 nationalities) of Merchant of Copenhagen






Shakespeare definitely had Copenhagen in mind when he wrote the Merchant, and in 2016 he must have danced in his grave when ACT re-enacted the Merchant of Copenhagen. The play was staged at Baltoppen-live and attracted a 1000 audience members. In 2017, ACT is moving to higher grounds. This time with a Nordic Classic "An Enemy of The People." The play is a Nordic-wide collaborative project initiated by ACT and involves cast and crew from Sweden (Södra Community Theatre), Norway (Nordic Black Theatre) and Denmark (ACT) read more





First Production: The Merchant Of Copenhagen

A young Dane, Bassanio, needs a loan of three million kroner, so that he can woo Portia, a wealthy heiress. He approaches his friend Antonio, who is apparently short of money, since he has invested all his wealth in the stock exchange and is expecting a windfall. Antonio asks Bassanio to go find a lender and he [Antonio] would stand as surety. Bassanio goes to Shylock, who agrees to make the short-term loan... with one condition: the loan must be repaid in three months or Shylock will exact a pound of flesh from Antonio.  Read more